UHAI EASHRI is an indigenous activist fund that provides flexible and accessible resources to support civil society activism around issues of sexuality, health and human rights in the East African region, with a particular focus on the rights of sexual minorities. UHAI provides grants and capacity support to sex worker and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) organizations in the five East African countries: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.


Your donation will ensure that UHAI EASHRI is able to sustain its work over time and continue to be the organization that funds:


In July 2014, UHAI EASHRI funded the constitutional challenge to the infamous Uganda Anti-Homosexu- ality Act. The case was won and the law declared unconstitutional!

“We thank UHAI for providing the funds for this project. The nullifica- tion of the AHA is a giant leap for the LGBTI community in Uganda and their allies who were living under the yoke of this draconian law. Having a well constituted, well-organised and strategic legal team was all a result of this project, and the funds are the reason that we do not have the Anti Homosexuality Act 2014 as law on Uganda’s books anymore.”

— Adrian Jjuuko, Uganda Civil Society Coalition for Constitutional La Institutional and core support

‘’If it wasn’t for UHAI extending support, the Gay and Lesbian Coalition of Kenya would not have survived. UHAI has contributed invaluably towards GALCK’s continued rise from the ashes. Thank you does not adequately cover the level of gratitude.”

– Lorna Dias, The GALCK Taskforce


“I can’t help myself to thank you and the UHAI-EASHRI Team on behalf of Support for Trans and Intersex Rights. Last week we met with our parents thanks to a project that UHAI is sponsoring and it was an amazing experience. The best we have ever met in Rwan- dan activism. Lots of confessions, testimonies, lessons, joy, tears and celebration. Parents met each other and understood a lot about LGBTI rights which was our goal. They stopped seeing us as useless kids and were actually surprised to see how organized and committed we were. One of the parents said and I quote: ‘my daughter was being pressured to marry but now I will help her convince her dad that she was born otherwise.’”

— Leader of Rwandan LGBTI organisation Support For Trans and Intersex Rights


“UHAI has been and continues to be more than just a fund. It’s a team of partners who reach out to ensure that we have the support we need. They are a team with whom we can discuss more than just a need for money.”

— Julius Kaggwa, SIPD, Ugandan organisation for the rights of intersex people

“And finally, we wish to acknowledge our main donor UHAI EASHRI for all of your support, financial and otherwise. Thank you for taking a chance on us.”

— Jisiangu,Kenya Trans and Intersex community group in their first publication Resilience: A resource guide for intersex, transgender and gender non-conforming Kenyan

Thank you for offering such an important piece of yourselves to help UHAI EASHRI and bring this Africa’s Out! vision to life.

"I hope that people’s opposing opinions on gay rights no longer affect the legality of gay rights. More so, I would hope that members of the LGBTQ community no longer have to live in fear of going to prison or losing their lives because of how they identify." - Nina Chanel Abney

"First, I hope for violence to cease. Naturally we want all people in all places to have equal rights, but until then, our first and most important mission should be to influence those who are able to intervene to stop the murders and torture." -Derrick Adams

"I hope that movements like these can act as a catalyst so that gay rights can come about sooner. That every LGBTQI person in Africa and around the world can live their lives openly and joyfully as a fully acknowledged and welcomed part of the community." - Firelei Baez

"I hope that same sex loving folks will be protected and given equal rights. I hope that the laws that label it criminal will be erased. I hope that the communities will be reeducated." - Aisha Bell

"I hope that all Africans are re-instated in their birth right to express their sexuality openly and legally." - Yashua Klos

"I hope that every life will be valued equally regardless of gender, sexual orientation, creed, or color." - Zoë Buckman

"I hope for honest human rights - across the boards." - Heater Hart

"I hope for uncompromising freedom." - Duron Jackson