AFRICA'SOUT! is a bold loudspeaker and a groundbreaking proponent for radical change through 'Imaginative Activism', creative brilliance, and new effective methods of articulation. AFRICA'SOUT! harnesses the power of artists and the creative community, especially from within the African Diaspora, to highlight the urgency of pressing social and political issues through unique and dynamic platforms.

Our guiding principle is Imaginative Activism.  Imagination in all of its creative manifestations is indomitable despite political oppression, social ostracization, and even death. Its creative manifestations in Art persist in all of these spaces despite repression, because it is proof of the human spirit. Thus Art is the only medium that has entered these spaces without being detected, and can leave these spaces as a witness. AFRICA’SOUT! not only detects the Art in these spaces, but fosters it, activates it for social change and celebrates the creative minds producing it.

The commitment to celebrating the courage and creativity of bold visionaries, especially among people of African descent guides AFRICA’SOUT! The spirit of those who have been ostracized because of their color, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or simply their courage to live without shame imbues all of our actions.

The primary focus of our grant-making is to advance radical change through the power of art and activism, particularly supporting artists, initiatives and institutions from Africa and its Diaspora that celebrate freedom of creative expression.

Image Credit: Barron Claiborne

Image Credit: Barron Claiborne