Solange Knowles

"I believe that freedom in all walks of life is a right that all of humanity deserves. In my travels around and through Africa, I've made many friends along the way that have enriched me and my sons life in some of the most beautiful ways. Some of these friends belong to the LGBTI community and have shared stories of living in fear of who they love, and how they choose to express themselves. I am in awe of the bravery and heroic act of choosing to stand tall in who ones true self is, and honored to stand right alongside and show my support in celebrating the LGBTI community in Africa, and all walks of life, with Uhai Eashri and Africa's Out!"

Solange Piaget Knowles is an American singer, songwriter, artistic director, record label founder, model, and actress. Expressing an interest in music from an early age, Knowles had several temporary stints in Destiny's Child. She released her first studio album, Solo Star (2003), at the impressive age of 16. Since then, Solange has become a mother, released the critically acclaimed True EP, married the love of her life, and launched her own record label in 2013, Saint Records. Her label is designed to give new and ingenious artists a space to create their music and circulate their art.

In 2013 Saint Records released its first album Saint Heron – a collaborative compilation album featuring 11 independent artists telling their unique stories on one innovative platform. Since its inception, Saint Records has rapidly become a haven for R&B lovers and listeners to discover music free of marketplace politics. Solange has also been widely recognized as a fashion icon, and has art directed two footwear collections with Puma to date.