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Can I mail a hard copy of my application materials to the AFRICA’SOUT! office?
No. Only applications submitted online, through the portal on our website, will be considered for admission.  

I have video/audio samples as well as JPEGs of my work. Can I submit samples of both?
Yes.  If you would like to submit a combination of digital images and video/audio, you must submit 8-12 digital images AND 3 clips of video/audio totaling no more than 2 minutes of footage each.

What should I say in my artist statement? 
Submit an artist statement, in your own voice, that provides background on your work as a whole. We are interested in your capacity to communicate, to the best of your ability, who you are as an artist and how your work adds to the conversation of contemporary African art.

I just submitted my application but I want to revise/edit/add to it. Is this possible?
No. Once you submit your application you cannot revise/edit/add any materials. 

When I submit my application, will I receive confirmation that my application has been received?
Yes. You will receive a confirmation email. 

Is there an application fee to apply?

Who is eligible to apply?
Emerging and mid-career visual artists, 25 years and older, who are African or of the Diaspora are eligible to apply. Applicants must demonstrate a significant body of work that reflects their active commitment to their practice. While one is not required to have an extensive history of exhibitions, we do require demonstrable proof of a devoted practice and understanding of how one’s work fits into a discussion of contemporary African art.

Within the criteria listed above the artist selected will be chosen without preference over race, color, gender, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, creed, disability, veteran's status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.  

Must I have earned an MFA to apply?
An MFA is not required. 

Can international artists apply?
Yes. It is core to our mission to support artists from the African continent and those in Diaspora around the world. Once an artist has been selected AO! will draft a letter to the US embassy in the artist’s respective country. AO! cannot guarantee that the US embassy will grant a visa. 

Do I need to secure housing during my residency?
No. Housing is provided for you during your two week stay in New York City and during your four week stay in Upstate New York at Denniston Hill. You will have 24-hour access to your studio space, which is only located in Upstate New York. There is no studio space available during your two weeks in New York City.

Is there a locked schedule during my residency?
Since the residency takes place across two locations, the following schedule is required: The first week takes place in Brooklyn, NY, but without studio access. The next four weeks the artist is at Denniston Hill with 24 hour studio access. The last week the artist returns to Brooklyn, NY and again is without studio access.

Is there a stipend included in the residency?
There is a $5,000 (USD) grant awarded to the artist to cover the following: round trip travel to NY, local travel to and from NYC – Denniston Hill and within NYC, visa fees, materials and food. The disbursements will be in cash and in the form of payment to vendors. 

Are there exhibition opportunities for residents?
There are no guaranteed exhibition opportunities for residents, however there will be scheduled studio visits with selected art professionals and an opportunity to present work to particular audiences.

What is expected of the artist participating? 
Artists are expected to work consistently in the studio (aiming for a minimum of thirty hours per week), participate in two open studios and AO! programming events. At the end of the residency a presentation of your work, either previous work or works in progress undertaken during the residency will be organized. However your time while in residency is your time, whether in the studio Upstate or in Brooklyn the aim is for you to use this time, these spaces and these resources to explore new ideas.

As part of AFRICA'SOUT!s commitment to contemporary African art, we kindly ask the awarded artist to donate a work emblematic of their practice to be included in the permanent collection of AFRICA’SOUT!

What is the relationship between AFRICA’SOUT! and Denniston Hill?
AFRICA’SOUT! enhances its support of individual artists' projects with our partner Denniston Hill, a not-for-profit organization and a New York State registered charity located in the Southern Catskills. Founded by artists Julie Mehretu and Paul Pfeiffer and architectural theorist Lawrence Chua, Denniston Hill supports innovation and exploration in the visual arts, architecture, literature, the sciences, and humanities through residencies, exhibitions, and educational programs. Our joint partnership allows AFRICA’SOUT! to offer our artists in residence the serenity of Upstate NY and the hustle of New York City.

What's it like at Denniston Hill?
Located in the Catskills, Denniston Hill is about 100 miles northwest of New York City, near Monticello. There, the awarded artist will share a house with other artists in residence selected by Denniston Hill from a variety of disciplines. The house is surrounded by a small farm and lightly wooded area. It is 10 degrees cooler at Denniston Hill than New York City and nights can be chilly. While there will be on average 3 other artists upstate, it is quite a serene experience.

I have technical difficulties, who can I contact?
If you are experiencing any difficulties submitting your application, email us at No phone calls please.

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