9 December 2015
NeueHouse, NYC

"Her Political Body" in Partnership with UHAI EASHRI
Members and AO! Family joined four prolific women leaders in the spheres of thought, visual art and social-justice join one another in a candid discussion of the tide of our times and the deep correlation between art-making, activism and the notion of social-archiving. 

Included in this forum, moderated by Creative Time's Director of Marketing and Communications Donnamarie Baptiste; Wangechi Mutu, world renowned artist, feminist and visionary behind the AFRICA'SOUT! movement created to reframe the way we engage with Africa through creativity, invention and the imagination. Wanja Muguongo, a prominent queer African feminist and social justice activist, executive director of UHAI EASHRI- A beneficiary of AFRICA'SOUT!. Toyin Ojih Odutola, a leading contemporary artist focused on the socio-political concept of skin color through pen and ink drawings. LaToya Ruby Frazier, 2015 MacArthur Fellow, builds a powerful visual archive addressing the intersection of the steel industry, environmental degradation and the health care system’s physical impact on her community.

All images credit: Isabel Figueroa, iZxist