Hi Wildflower Candle


Hi Wildflower Candle


100% U.S.-grown soy, cotton wick, glass jar. Burn responsibly.
Burn time: 65 hours

EAST: Driftwood is a warm, woody-earthy blend of creamy sandalwood, musk and ocean mist.

NORTH: Flower Crown, From the Goddess Collection : Beautiful, powdery sandalwood, amber and carnation laden scents - romantic with a hot, lacy edge.

SOUTH: Dune Grass is a candle inspired by the coastal cliffs of Mt. Tamalpais in Northern California. Bright green notes blend gorgeously with sea spray, rosewater and lavender.

WEST: Ancient Water Lotus, Inspired by the places in India where the land meets the rivers, each candle is connected to the wilderness and rituals built around them. Ancient Water Lotus: blue lotus, bamboo, jasmine

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